inspire higher

Dedicated for HP managers and inspired by the freedom of the skies, this uniquely located event took place in the Old Airplane Museum. Here guests enjoyed the best of music, food and atmosphere.

HP Studios

Blend took an innovative approach to HP’s integrated learning conference for the R&D department, exclusively creating the HP studios. Here, HP employees spent their day on a specially built TV sets of some well known and best loved T.V shows.

shavout, sheaves and hay in checkpoint

Taking inspiration from the company logo, this event brought the fair land of Israel into the full pink spectrum. The offices of Checkpost were painted in every shade of the color pink, while employees could choose from a rich selection of Israeli dishes, as well as freshly prepared shakes, all while enjoying the great party atmosphere.

Crazy Circus – Efix Purim Celebration

In the heart of Tel Aviv in honor of Purim, we dressed the Urban Garden in the craziest costume ever seen! We saw the tremendous…

HP software superheroes

Held at Superland, this unique event allowed HP employees and their families to experience the true power of superheroes! The entire park was transformed, with magical corners, dedicated zones for creativity and craft and unlimited expression for creativity and imagination. For when all the superheroes got hungry, young and old, food stalls offered food and snacks adapted to every age! And the highlight… a Superhero sweets laboratory where every child could select and take home the sweets of their choice.

Refresh – Restart

Mediamind’s employees kicked off the year with an invigorating and refreshing event. Spoilt with tasty delicacies, massages and giveaways in an ultimately relaxing and rejuvenating setting.

Made in israel

A theatre of sounds, smells and people. Every authentic detail brought the market to life from sellers, food, giveaways and music. All surplus foods and…

HP Fantasy Safari

An astonishing, multi-faceted event for 3,000 employees and their families. Transforming the safari into a wonderland theme park with farmland, Tarzan and Jane, jungle cafe, monkey zone and much more…

google circus

A truly memorable Chanuka event for Google families, with a special focus on the kids! Google and their employees didn’t know where to look first – amazed by the wild antics of the circus, mesmerized by the up-close magic show, engaged by arts and crafts or tucking into delicious dishes from the extensive kid-friendly menu.

STARTAPP tropical summer party

This packed day in the north began with a Mexican concept. From varied and fun beach activities to Mexican-style snacks, margaritas and smoothies. The party lasted well into the night and after resting at the hotel, the next day saw rafting in a beautiful and tropical section of the Jordan river, with more surprises lighting up the day and culminating in a party boat cruise down the river.

Desert circus

Proving that Blend can bring quality entertainment to any location, HP managers partied late into the night, while enjoying all the marvels of the circus against the desert’s dramatic backdrop.

nice shavout picnic

NICE employees found their offices transformed with bales of hay and countless flowers to celebrate the Succoth atmosphere, set against the blue and the white colors of Israel. Evoking the most loved past traditions, together with the best of Israel’s food and music today, guests enjoyed local Israeli dishes, folk dancing for all workers and a sing-along with Einat Sarouf. For fun and play we created unique water games.

Palarium Village

Palarium employees wanted a fun day in Eilat, and since we were in the dream fulfillment business, we rushed to reserve flights on the earliest…

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