Microsoft Tropical beach Party

Microsoft wanted to create a day of memories to be treasured. Every detail was carefully styled so that the location, fun-filled activities, catering and giveaways all enhanced the tropical paradise-theme.

to beer or not to beer

An original take on the classic Purim party! A whirlwind tour of six countries from around the world and their expert beer-making culture – all without leaving Microsoft! Microsoft employees and their partners had fun on the global stage exploring six distinctively designed “countries” to learn about the intricacies of their national bear and enjoy great food and atmosphere

Dancing in the street

Transforming HP’s car park into the ultimate street party with uniquely designed mobile structures for remarkable refreshments presentation, together with an energizing show and disco dancing.

STARTAPP tropical summer party

This packed day in the north began with a Mexican concept. From varied and fun beach activities to Mexican-style snacks, margaritas and smoothies. The party lasted well into the night and after resting at the hotel, the next day saw rafting in a beautiful and tropical section of the Jordan river, with more surprises lighting up the day and culminating in a party boat cruise down the river.

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