SPECIAL events

let your light shine

This elegant rooftop event for HP celebrated the value of their collaborative startup companies and associates. Visitors were treated to a mouth-watering variety of dishes and cocktails, chicly presented with a touch of black and white styling.

HP software superheroes

Held at Superland, this unique event allowed HP employees and their families to experience the true power of superheroes! The entire park was transformed, with magical corners, dedicated zones for creativity and craft and unlimited expression for creativity and imagination. For when all the superheroes got hungry, young and old, food stalls offered food and snacks adapted to every age! And the highlight… a Superhero sweets laboratory where every child could select and take home the sweets of their choice.

microsoft office opening

Mircosoft celebrated the opening of their new Haifa offices in style, with an explosion of color and tastes! Each floor designed to the last detail in its own monochrome of blues, greens, black and white and more. Employees made their way through the new building, discovering a unique design on every level, topped off with a delicious brunch on the 7th floor, as well as a customized and elaborate Amazing Race activity that everyone enjoyed.

HP Explores the Desert

HP Management’s seminar was a 3-day adventure exploring secret desert locations, chasing the sun-set in jeeps and contrasting isolated desert settings with beautifully staged gourmet dinners and live music.

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