ZipRecruiter Desert Experience

For the amazing event we produced for ZipRecruiter we headed to Israel’s southernmost city, where we met the natural charm of the desert. We landed in Eilat and went on a field trip in the breathtaking landscapes of the desert. After a pampering stop for champagne and fruit, we arrived at the most magical destination – Timna, where Chef Haim Sabag from Maasia Catering waited for us with delicious food that matched the stunning natural scenery. Feeling refreshed, the guests were ushered into a secret cave where the band Anna RF was waiting for them, hosting a special guest – Ravid Plotchnik aka the legendary Nichi Nichi. We spent the night at one of Eilat’s wonderful hotels. After breakfast, a pampering chillax area awaited us near the pool with lots of treats. For those with an adventurous side who could not sit and relax, extreme sea activities waited for them