Hack To The Future

For our dear clients from AppsFlyer, we created “Hack To The Future” a 4 days Hackathon in their Tel Aviv office, where every floor became a scene from the cult movie Back To The Future. The future has never been so familiar before…

Makolet 36

Happy Shavuot at Moon Active The 36th floor has been transformed into a wonderful grocery store, offering a variety of equal products that were carefully selected. Breads and spreads, wines, cheeses, flowers, and everything you need to make the holiday perfect. During the tour, the workers collected all the best products of the country and […]

Appsflyer Spookathone

AppsFlyer contacted us and shared with us the coolest concept we have ever heard for a hackathon, one that is scheduled to take place at the end of October – the Halloween Hackathon!!! Of course, we were excited and our creative juices were overflowing, and we created the Spookathon, a particularly creepy event that made […]