Papaya Halloween

In honor of Halloween, we turned the Nur Hall in Tel Aviv into a castle full of horror. The space was meticulously designed with cobwebs, skeletons, skulls and lots of creepy exhibits and freaky guest figures popping up from a plate or a picture on the wall. The amazed guests enjoyed food that included eyes, […]


We spent the night in a deserted and creepy hotel, with the brave people of Unity, and as you can see, the stuff we saw chilled our spines…Marina and Darvish blew our minds, and Adi Dor kept us on high volume throughout our stay. We didn’t want to check out, but all good things must come […]

Monday Underwater

Purim party for our beloved clients, where we dived into the depths of the magical underwater world, with sparkling jellyfish and giant clams. The evening came to a perfect close with a performance by Ivri Lider and Meizner 

Tokyo Purim even- Sentinel one

Tokyo in all its glory was revealed to us during a unique and special event we created for SentinelOne, our Purim celebrations took us to Japan for a night to remember.

Monday 90s prom

We invited Mondaydotcom back to high school prom somewhere in the nineties, to the cafeteria, the satin dresses, Kelly and Brandon, and the Spice Girls, to share our excitement about the sweeping bay of nostalgia with us.