Papaya summer event

Two unforgettable days with Papaya Gaming included a team bonding journey full of challenging tasks, spending a night in a beautiful hotel next to the sea of Galilee, one brilliant Noa Kirel, a crazy party, and an enjoyable dip in the crystal clear water of the sea of Galilee the morning after, the best hangover medicine ever. […]

Pano-Island Blend events

Get a glimpse of two days of fun, games, treats, and parties on Pano Island, the island we built for Panorays at the beautiful sea of Galilee.

ZipRecruiter Desert Experience

For the amazing event we produced for ZipRecruiter we headed to Israel’s southernmost city, where we met the natural charm of the desert. We landed in Eilat and went on a field trip in the breathtaking landscapes of the desert. After a pampering stop for champagne and fruit, we arrived at the most magical destination […]